Climbing out of the deadly LoCkDoWn blues!

It’s been a horribly long time! Quite literally (and the actual meaning of the word, not the irritating and entirely wrong way people are using it currently!) I hope you’re all OK, or at least heading towards some semblance of ok!? I can’t say I’m entirely there yet – but I’m certainly in a loooooaaaads better place than I was a few months ago!

Not an awful lot of news, but Dr Fistlove recorded a few live demos straight after lockdown, and you can catch them on our new YouTube Channel Please give us a subscribey type click. We’re currently working on more new tunes.

I did a fab gig in Scotland with The Frank O’Hagan Band – which was like all my xmasses come at once after such a long time not playing live!

Have been rehearsing with The Skapa Collective, and there’s a gig in the pipeline really soon – watch this space!

I shall be having a zoom chat with the marvelous Glenn Prangnell of Groovy Uncle fame for the fab Groovy Uncle Podcast series that’s been a lovely listen!

Anyroad, I just wanted to say “Hi!” now that things are starting to look a little bit more like “normality” ! Big love, and hope to have more news n stuff soon xxx