All Stuff n That

Oooooooh-Kaaaaaay! Now me website’s fixed (thanks to the marvellous talents of Chris Mog) I can post again! So here’s what’s appnin!

Knitwear Junkees have our first ever gig in The New Crown Inn on 31st May – very excited about it all! It’ll be live streamed on tinterweb on the night so tune in!

Off to Ranscombe Studios next week to put down the last of my vox for the new Groovy Uncle album!

Just put my vox down for the fab ‘The Naked Citizens‘ project – a space disco track, and did some backing on a gospel track, and a rockabilly tune. The album will be diverse to say the least! Watch this space!

Been doing loads of recording in deepest darkest Adamsdown, but can’t share owt about that just yet! *wink*

Get Ready! have some gigs in the book, tomorrow night at The Buck in Barry being the first – check the page for future info.

So there ya go!

Love and light to all!

Chunks xx