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Vinyl, Live & Session News!!

Chunk & Unc single coming out on shiny vinyl in the summer on State Records, and recorded at Ranscombe Studios! Sounds fabulous! Cannot wait! Was in the studio this weekend with Unc and the fab Miss Modus putting down tracks

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Tailz, Funk, and Unc!

Video and article here of Tigertailz new tune wi some cheeky backing vox by me. Top funk night with Monkjack up in Newbridge on friday (28th Feb) – facebook event link here Exciting new recordings with Groovy Uncle, some done and

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Have a fab one folks!! 2014 looks pretty good so far! Booking agent and new website/media due for Monkjack, and 2 new recording projects with Groovy Uncle! ‘One Vowel Away From the Truth‘ is still available from i-tunes, amazon, Spillers,

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Blog cherry!

Hello! Not done  blog before so this is just a tester! Can’t be that hard can it, based on the people that do it regularly 😀 Gigging with Monkjack in The Robin Hood in Canton, Cardiff on Sunday night (4th

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