Get Ready!

get readyKnocking out the best grooves from some of the best artists of the last 40 years. Soul & Groove to make you move!

Dave Bowen (vox), Suzi Chunk (vox), Brian Konten (bass & backing vox), Robert Weekley (keyboards & backing vox), Ceri Binding (guitar, backing vox), Gary James (drums), Donal McEvoy (percussion)

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All Stuff n That

Oooooooh-Kaaaaaay! Now me website’s fixed (thanks to the marvellous talents of Chris Mog) I can post again! So here’s what’s appnin!

Knitwear Junkees have our first ever gig in The New Crown Inn on 31st May – very excited about it all! It’ll be live streamed on tinterweb on the night so tune in!

Off to Ranscombe Studios next week to put down the last of my vox for the new Groovy Uncle album!

Just put my vox down for the fab ‘The Naked Citizens‘ project – a space disco track, and did some backing on a gospel track, and a rockabilly tune. The album will be diverse to say the least! Watch this space!

Been doing loads of recording in deepest darkest Adamsdown, but can’t share owt about that just yet! *wink*

Get Ready! have some gigs in the book, tomorrow night at The Buck in Barry being the first – check the page for future info.

So there ya go!

Love and light to all!

Chunks xx


Tonight Get Ready! are playin The Potters in Newport from 9:30pm, and tomorrow we’re playing The Tynewydd in Barry from 9pm.

New originals project – ‘Knitwear Junkees’ coming on nicely – we’re writing some groovin tunes, and are looking forward to taking it out live when we got a few more songs in the bag. Knittin’s never quick is it!

Be back down in kEnt soon to lay down some vox for the next Groovy Uncle album.

There yer are – news n tha! 


Lots of new and exciting stuff on the cards at the moment! Met a fantastic band from up Blackwood way yesterday knocking out some seriously tasty funk. Recording a space-disco track with a couple of the Railroad Bill boys. Got some studio work coming up with the mighty Tigertailz! Groovy Uncle album in the midst of creation, and a good few gigs with the Get Ready! Crew! Tidy of the darts!



Don’t forget we’ve just released a lovely shiny new remastered CD (and download on i-tunes GFTND & amazon) of Girl From The Neck Down available from the Groovy Uncle website.

The new Unc & Chunk album ‘Life’s a Gift‘ is out now on CD and download also – get your copy Groovy Uncle shop!


Friday 12th February ~ Canute @ The Yard, Cardiff
Saturday 13th February ~ Get Ready! @ Penlan Club, Swansea
Saturday 20th February ~ Get Ready! @ The West End Club, Barry
Saturday 5th March ~ Get Ready! @ Barry Buck, Barry
Saturday 19th March ~ Get Ready! @ The Sea View Club, Barry
Saturday 26th March ~ Get Ready! @ The Claude, Cardiff
Saturday 2nd April ~ Get Ready! @ The Soul Suite, Pontypridd

life's a gift

Radio Glam, Gigs & Stuff

Tomorrow (28/10/15) I’ll be chatting on Radio Glamorgan about the new Groovy Uncle album ‘Life’s a Gift’ between 2-3pm.

Friday (30/10/15) Canute are gigging at the Funk Fusion 3rd birthday party Halloween special in Newbridge! And Sunday (01-11-15), Get Ready! are playing The Glenbrook Inn in Barry at 7pm.

Album Cover for fbcanute logoget ready

Gigs in so far!

Friday 19th June – Canute @ Vale Jazz Festival, Barry
Saturday 27th June – Canute @ The Yard, Cardiff
Friday 10th July – Canute @ The Yard, Cardiff
Friday 17th July – Canute @ Kiwi’s, Cardiff
Saturday 18th July – Get Ready! @ Cadstock, Barry
Friday 24th July – Get Ready! @ The Park, Barry
Friday 31st July – Canute @ Salt Bar, Cardiff
Saturday 15th August – Canute @ NHSOB Fest
Sunday 16th August – Get Ready @ Glenbrook, Barry
Friday 11th September – Get Ready! @ Cwm Talwg, Barry
Saturday 19th September – Get Ready! @ King Billy, Barry
Sunday 4th October – Get Ready @ Memorial Gig, Barry
Saturday 7th November – Get Ready! @ Sea View Club, Barry
Wednesday 30th December – Get Ready! @ Earl Haig Club, Cardiff
Thursday 31st December – Alan Thomson All-Stars @ Scotland (venue TBC)
Friday 1st January – Alan Thomson All-Stars ‘ Scotland (venue TBC)


Stuffs n Things

OK – got a gig with Get Ready! THIS SUNDAY 24th May @ The Wast End Club, Barry, then a gig in Kiwi’s in Cardiff High Street with Canute 30th May!

I’ll be popping down to Kent soon to do some more recording with Glenn, and Groovy Uncle!

In the meantime here’s a tune from our last album!

unc & chunk